Process filters for all types of liquids

Lekang Group has over the last years had an increasing number of successful Process Filter Projects.  We offer Cost Effective Filter Solutions for Ship and Offshore Installations with well known filter brands like, Filtration Group (former Mahle), Amazon, RMF, Walker, MP Filtri and Barton Firtop.

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Lekang Process Filter Catalogue (texted in Norwegian)

Filtration Group strainer
         Barton Firtop Strainer               Filtration Group Duplex Strainer
 Filtration Group Automatic Filter Housing        
         Mahle Automatic Filter CustomMade
Filtration Group Automatic Filter            Filtration Group Automatic Filter.
        Custommade in Super Duplex
            Amazon Housing 65 serie  

 Amazon Housing 66 serie

   Amazon Catridge Housing       Amazon Multi Cartridge Housing