Lekang filtersystem® for ship

Lekang filtersystem developed by Lekang Maskin, is now the most widely used filter system in the Nordic. The system simplifies maintenance for thousands of companies. Lekang filtersystem is ideal for both small and large fleets in shipping and construction industries. 

  • All filters from one supplier with guaranteed quality
  • Filter packages for each ship
  • Correct filter lists for all machines
  • Simple online forms for fax
  • Internet Solutions 

Filter packages for shipowner Rem Offshore

LekangFiltersystem_MarineFilter Lekang_filtesystem_kvalitet

We do technical support and help out with identifying all your filters. All filters will be delivered from our warehouse in Norway or one of our warehouses in Scandinavia. How to get started, please contact:

Norway:   Tom-Eigil Olavsrud, mob + 47 97 99 73 83, teo@lekang.com
Denmark: Thomas Andreassen, mob + 45 56 13 10 72, tha@filterteknik.dk
Sweden:   Håkan Edgren, mob +46 54 69 09 62, he@filterteknik.se

Lekang Filter System for Off-Highway and On-Higway, construction industry:

Lekang Maskin AS Norway, Product menu, Lekang filtersystem

Filterteknik Sverige AB, Sweden, Product menu, Lekang filtersystem

Filterteknik A/S, Denmark, Product menu, Lekang filtersystem