Hydraulic Filtration


For the shipping and offshore industry Lekang Maskin offers filters for hydraulic- and lube oil. Our brands such as Filtration Group (former MAHLE Industrial Filtration), Bosch Rexroth and RMF, are well known and high quality products. We offer filter trolleys, vacuum aggregates, and complete filter systems for lube oil. Excellent routines ensure high quality and flexibility throughout the whole process from order to delivery. 

Our product range includes cable mounted pressure filter housings, tank mounted return filter housings, depth filters, breathing filters, water absorbing filters, filter trolleys, filter aggregates and purifiers. 

Custom-made RMF Off-Line Filter Unit for Mud Pumps at Leiv Eiriksson

Custom-made Filter Trolley for oil maintenance on Roughnechs

ROV oil maintenance with RMF Vacuum Dehydration Unit

Condition Monitoring products and off-line units with the unique combination of dept filter and monitoring

 Bosch Rexroth filter   Bosch Rexroth filter housings
 Rexroth filters    
  Rexroth filters

   RMF OLU depth filter


      Filtration Group duplex hydraulic filter housnings

 RMF OLU depth filter  Filtration Group duplex hydraulic filter