Cooling System

Lekang Maskin AS offers a wide product range for cooling water filtration for marine applications.

Filtration Group (fomer MAHLE Industrial Filtration) and Barton Firtop manufactures simple robust strainers in different materials and for high capacities. Please ask for your special requirements.  

 Filtration Group strainer VS871          
 Barton Firtop strainer

         Filtration Group strainer 


 Barton Firtop strainer

For smaller engines Fleetguard coolants will be the best choice. Fleetcool OAT "lifetime" coolant provides superior engine protection. Fleetcool OAT meet all the standards ASTM-6210, ASTM-4385 and ASTM-3306 and can be used for all engines cooling system. 

  Fleetcoo OAT coolant
      Fleetcool OAT coolant