Condition Monitoring

When your hydraulic- and lubrication systems are 100% reliable you will get the lowest lifetime cost. Condition monitoring is an essential part of a healthy hydraulic system with clean oil. If you do not succeed lifetime costs may be as high as 20% of the equipment running costs. Our monitoring systems and products will help you control oil contamination, oil quality, moisture and temperature.

For product details and oil analyzes please contact Technical Manager, Hamidreza Afrassiabi, mobile +47 97 99 73 57,

   RMF Smartfilter  

OLUS Smartfilter RMF
The unique combination of depth filter and monitoring oil  system. This Smartfilter unit is an off-line filter with integrated pump and CMS particle counter which can store 4000 readings.

        RMF Smartfilter custom-made  

Off-line filter RMF Custom-made
Custom-made off-line filter with pump, sensor, heater and control box. Please give us specifications and we will find your application.  


      RMF CMS Contamination Monitoring System


CMS In-line Condition Monitor RMF
Automatically measures and displays contamination, moistures and temperature levels in hydraulic- and lubeoils. Own version for water- and glycolbased fluids.

       ATEX In-line contamination monitor 

Atex In-Line Contaminiation Monitor MP Filtri
Automatically measures and displays contamination, moisture and temperature levels in  hydraulic- and lubeoil. 


    RMF OQS Oil Quality Sensor

OQS Oil Quality
Sensor RMF
Puts you in control
with real-time monitoring of contamination and water ingress.                    


AZ2 ATEX Fluid Conditon Monitors MP Filtri
Automatically measure and save particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in hydraulic fluids. For high risk or explosive environments. Alarms output. 

   MPFilri LPA mobile Particle Counter      

LPA2 Mobile Particle Counter MP Filtri

For on-site and laboratory applications. Automatically measure and display particulate contamination, moisture and temperature in hydraulic fluids.


BS Bottle Sampler MP Filtri
Vaccum feature for de-aeration fluids. Compatible with all portable MP Filtri particle analysers. 110 ml or 250 ml bottles.

Download the RMF ISO Cleaness level sheet