Cooperation agreement between Slåttland Group and Lekang Maskin

Today's customers often demand "turn key" solutions for process and hydraulic systems. To meet these needs Slåttland Group and Lekang Maskin AS have signed an agreement that enables the parties to offer complete packages to the market.

For customers this will result in benefits such as higher expertise in consulting around technical and commercial solutions, as well as a better coordination between subcontractors. With an efficient   communication line we can work smarter, and we can reveal misunderstandings and deviations at an earlier stage.

Slåttland Group consists of Slåttland Mek. Industri AS, which was started in 1987 by Sigurd Slåttland, focusing on steel structures and hydraulic systems. Eventually they also started producing small projects for the offshore industry. In 2008 it was hard to recruit engineering staff in Norway. Slåttland therefore looked abroad, and established SMI Slåttland Vietnam Ltd. Co. in Vietnam. X-Noise was established in 2010, and is now the market leader in the field of noise suppression.

Lekang Maskin AS was established in 1970, and is today part of Lekang Group
with companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The company started with import of excavators, but changed into filtration - and is today Scandinavia's leading supplier of filters for the construction, industrial, marine and offshore segments. Lekang Maskin offers everything from filter packages for diesel engines to more complex solutions such as gas filters.

Slåttland and Lekang have some common core values, and they both consider the expertise of their employees to be their most important asset. Both companies are members of Viken Technology Network organized by MNU Moss region Næringsutvikling.

Slåttland Group: CEO Sigurd Slåttland,, mob +47 90 88 01 49

Lekang Maskin AS: Country Manager Øystein B. Andreassen,, mob +47 97 70 94 41